It is a rampant thing nowadays to see many people jumping from one relationship to another. People enter relationships for different reasons; to some just for companionship. This is what a normal good friend can be. Others enter for sex and money. Only few realised the true essence of relationship and marriage. Jumping from one relationship to another is practising divorce.

This is what I call TEENAGE DIVORCE. This is what people call dating. From the beginning it was not so. What we see in scriptures is a woman been espoused, betrothed to a man. For example Mary and Joseph. Matt 1:18. To be betrothed is to be promised marriage.

THIS ONE IMPORTANT QUESTION YOU MUST ANSWER, WHY DO YOU WANT TO BE IN A RELATIONSHIP? when the purpose of relationship is not defined , abuse is inevitable. The purpose of marriage relationship must be marriage. This is why you must be sure before you decide. What people call test running is not scriptural. AS A LADY NEVER AGREE TO A GUY WHO COMES TO YOU not sure of marrying you. Guys will come and say, “lets see how it goes”. All the tests can be done as friends. This is one sure way to avoid teenage divorce. Are you so cheap to agree to someone not sure of what he wants? We have many people looking for one perfect man/woman “Mr Right “ so growing up, they have their list full with the kind of man or woman they want. They get frustrated when the girl they are dating do not suit all the list. This does not mean you should not know what you want. Many people in this category have not even discovered purpose. As a man it is an error to want a woman when you have not known what you want to spend the rest of your life doing.

The woman is suppose to be a help meet. Question, what are you doing that she is coming to help? Be purpose driven, then the woman will come. Why not wait instead of jumping from one relationship to another. We still have some set of people who have not developed themselves but they want a perfect partner. You attract who you are. The kind of people that comes your way always is a reflection who you truly are. For example a damsel who is busy always with the things of God will surely attract godly people around her. Question, what basic steps are you taking to be a better person. The only person you should be in competition with is yourself, not others. It is foolishness to compete with others. 2Corinthians 10:12. You should only be challenged by others to improve yourself. All these does not imply you should not leave a relationship if you discover it is a wrong relationship. But don’t forget, you would have just avoided hurting that person by giving due considerations before entering the relationship. JESUS WANTS YOU WELL EVEN IN YOUR MARRIAGE RELATIONSHIP. 

Look out for the remaining parts, (how to know the right partner, is love enough for a marriage relationship? How to build bond in marriage, )
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