"GOD'S SELFIE"

Selfie actually is a picture of a person taken by that same person. So, God's selfie actually will be an express picture of God, taken by God himself with the intention of showing the world who he really is. This write up actually is a matter of God's character, his nature, what can he do and what can he not do, his true identity from genesis the beginning because if a Christian has not seen the selfie of God, he may just be serving the devil thinking he is serving God.
Now, all the prophets that existed before Jesus Christ came, tried to show us who God is but somehow their view of God was confusing and questionable because sometimes they present to us two contradictory views of God. For example:
Jeremaih the prophet will tells us in Jeremiah 44v1-3 that God brought evil upon Jerusalem because of their wickedness, but before now in chapter31v34 of the same book. He would have already taught us that God forgives iniquity and will not remember sins. Question to the prophet Jeremiah, how come the same God that forgives iniquity is destroying people because of their iniquity? one fact is that these two statements about God cannot be equally true. It is either only one of them is correct or God lied by saying he forgives iniquity and sin. In a nutshell, Jeremiah with these two statements about God presented two contradictory views of God.
Amos' testimony about God is even worse. He asked in Amos3v6 a question which says "shall there be evil in a city and God had not done it. Meaning that all the evil in a city is done by God. This is strong because if God is doing all the evil in a city, what then will the devil now do? all the good? of course, that is impossible.
Another prophet called Samuel came again in 1samuel16v14 and said "but the spirit of the Lord departed from Saul, and an EVIL SPIRIT FROM THE LORD troubleth Saul. An evil spirit from the Lord? Question to you the bible student, I thought the spirit of the Lord just departed, how come an evil spirit now come again from God, does God have many spirit? Until you put it well, you will be wrong . A better rendering would be " But the spirit of the Lord departed from Saul and an evil spirit AWAY OR APART from the Lord troubleth Saul. 
Now, when you read all these about God from the bible without careful interpretation, you may run off with a wrong information, or imagine Jeremiah who present to people two contradictory views, now those views are going to confuse people but there is no reason for confusion at all because God by himself came in human flesh in the person of Jesus, the express image(selfie) of the invisible father.
This man Jesus showed up in Matthew11v27 and said "all things are delivered to me of my father: and no man knows the son, but the father; NEITHER KNOWETH ANYMAN THE FATHER, SAVE THE SON, and he to whomsoever the son will REVEAL him" meaning that only Jesus knows God, NOTE: the word only is used so that you will not trust any other person's knowledge of God perfectly, save the knowledge of Jesus of the father. in other words, when we are talking about God as a topic, the ONLY one BEST teacher with ACCURATE knowledge of the topic is Jesus and not Jeremiah, Amos or Samuel.
John the Baptist (one of the prophet) said to us in John1v18 that "no one hath seen God at anytime, the only begotten son, which is in the bosom of the father, he hath declared him". Meaning that it is only Jesus that hath seen God and that he is still the only one who had declared him. If he is the only one who had seen God, then he is the only one in the right position to reveal him. Don't you think so?
NOTE: Don’t know God from the prophets, angels, Moses or from anything at all. KNOW GOD FROM JESUS ONLY.
John(Jesus disciple) said in 1john5v20 that the son of God has come and has given us an understanding SO THAT WE WILL KNOW GOD THAT IS TRUE. Meaning God that does not change, he is not good today and bad tomorrow. Anything he is, is everlasting. if he is good, then it is everlasting goodness. James said in james1v13 that there is no shadow of turning or variableness with God.
Phillip said in John14v8 said to Jesus, "shew us the father, and it sufficeth us, and Jesus answered and said have i been so long with you, and yet hast thou not known me....". Question to Oga Jesus, Phillip did not say that you(Jesus) are the one he wants to know, he said shew us the father and notice Jesus did not say "have I taught you about God and you still do not know him" instead he said "have I been so long time with you and yet hast thou not known ME Phillip? he that had seen me has seen the father", meaning seeing Jesus is seeing the father because Jesus is the express image(selfie) of the invisible father. Anything that is not in Jesus is not in God meaning anything that we cannot find in Jesus cannot be found in God. If Jesus has not killed anybody then God has not killed anybody, If Jesus has not blinded anybody, then God has not blinded anybody because Jesus said I do what I see my father do in John8v28.
Jesus is that picture of God taken by God himself to show the world who HE really is. Colossians1v15 called Jesus the image of the invisible God while Hebrews1v3 called Jesus the express image of God meaning that Jesus is the express image(selfie) of the invisible God. The father invisible is invisible but the father visible is Jesus (pst Eghosa Alvin). Jesus in Isaiah9v6 was called the everlasting father, the mighty God.
Let us consider 1Timothy3v16, it says "without controversy, great is the mystery of Godliness: God was manifest in the flesh,....seen of angels.....   So, without controversy, without confusion, great is the mystery of godliness, great is the mystery of God in a man; God was manifest in the flesh. The word "manifest" as used there means "to render apparent" meaning that God was rendered apparent in the flesh in Christ Jesus. The oxford dictionary defined apparent as "easy to see or understand", the synonym is "obvious" meaning that God was made easy to see and understand in Jesus, God was made obvious in Jesus. It was not Jesus that was manifest in flesh, it was God that came in flesh meaning that Jesus is God in flesh, so, if somebody say define Jesus, you can say Jesus is the invisible father made visible in a man. That is why he can be 100% God and 100% man at the same time. The next line in that 1Timothy3v16 says seen of angels meaning that the first time angels saw God was when they saw Jesus and that is why we would even prefer Jesus to the angels as regard the knowledge of God. Jesus is Emmanuel and Emmanuel is not Jesus with us but God with us meaning when Jesus was here, it was God that was with us. Hope Omoruyi.

Glory to God. We have seen God finally in Christ.


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