I can not find the light

My sights are veiled and the view obscure.

The shadows are swarming,

They have colored the sky in darkness.

While I stretch out into the path before me,

My legs sink, finding no base to rest on.

Thoughts are unsure and feelings their chameleon.

Will light shine, will the night phase into day?

Will the world become a spring of sure colors?

Will the voice cry from behind and be the night guide?

I search for a rock to rest,

A solid place to lay my thoughts

And allow feelings of peace spring.

I look for a thread of the familiar,

Of what has been, what is and what will forever be,

Realities that are mine.

My soul searches and scouts.

I quake in the chill of the night,

I sigh at the torrents of emotions burning in my chest.

Restless soul I am!

I toil all night in futile adventure.

I search, I seek, I knock,

Retreating into the corridors of my bowels.

There, I find Him, I find Words.

I find light in my heart,

Echoes of love resound.

Promises of old come recalling.

Oh Peace! Oh Joy!

As I hear the words of mine Lover.,

His breath awakens my heart,

His words Pierce the darkness,

His feet still the storms,

And my tumbling world comes to a stand still.

I look and see light,

The shadows scurry into nothingness.

And I realise, my world has always been beautiful in the constant Him.

In straying and gazing at fallen realities, I had lost sight.

If it ever was dark, I shifted from His Sun.

If it got cold, I moved from the warmth of His embrace.

If it ever was unstable, I climbed out of His peace Chambers

Now I know, He is the perfect and stable reality.

And forever, my heart rests on Him.

Mystified in the sight of my Lover.

Forever I look to Him.

By Faith  Obasuyi

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